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beautiful rooftop location

great views of the lake

1-2-1 classes

or study with your friends

experienced local teachers

relaxed friendly atmosphere

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El Mirador

get there by bus in an hour

or 3 day trek through the jungle

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Welcome to Dos Mundos Spanish School

Dos Mundos Spanish School is located in Flores, Peten, Guatemala: In the Heart of the Mayan World, just one hour from the Mayan site Tikal. In addition to receiving Spanish classes from native teachers, students get the opportunity to stay with local host families in Flores, participate in a variety of volunteer programs, and go on guided jungle tours to the famous Mayan sites Tikal and Yaxha, as well as remote Mayan sites where no tourism goes.


1-2-1 courses starting from just US$100 per week, or study in a group with your friends, start any day of the week.

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Stay with a host family for total immersion and best value for US$100 with meals or see our other accommodation options.

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Volunteer in an orphanage, shop for locally crafted products, explore the local area or just swim in the lake to unwind.

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We can arrange your visit to Tikal, any of the other numerous Mayan sites or an unforgettable trek through the jungle.

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School Video

Please check out our new promotional video.

Filmed on location, the video features staff and students from the school as well as the beautiful scenery as seen from the school's rooftop location and from around Flores itself.

Travel Guides

Featured in a number of travel guides, including The Rough Guide to Guatemala and Lonely Planet Guatemala

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The Rainforest

Kevin Spacey is The Rainforest

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Feel free to contact former students and volunteers about their experience with us: