About our School

Visitors adore the small and charming island of Flores in Guatemala. Students immediately feel at home on this peaceful but lively island, famous for its cleanliness and safety. Due to Flores' small population, visitors find it easy to get to know the locals and to practice their Spanish. Because very few locals on the island speak English, students who study Spanish are able demonstrate their abilities and work on improving their skills. Pastel-colored houses, cobble-stoned streets and an inviting boardwalk encircling the island grace Flores. The island has well-developed hotels, restaurants, bars, and travel agencies that cater to travelers' every needs. Flores truly is a world-renowned international travel destination that welcomes visitors from every corner of the globe.For more information about Flores go to Wikitravel

Dos Mundos Spanish School was founded in 2006 and is located on the roof top of a three story building overlooking lake Petén-Itzá. Our students take classes outside in the fresh air and enjoy amazing views of the lake, islands and surrounding hills. Our Spanish students also enjoy a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, as Dos Mundos puts a strong emphasis on participation in social projects. We also offer our students 10% discount in our restaurant Café Yaxha.

Students will find everything they need within a short and safe walking distance from Dos Mundos Spanish School, including host families and student residences. This allows our students to be independent and yet accessible to new friends from the academy! Students who wish to keep in touch with friends and family will find various internet cafés around Flores that offer international service. We give all of our students special Dos Mundos Student Cards, which grant discounts at different places on the island of Flores. Students will also find a post office, a stationary shop for school supplies, an ATM and several supermarkets, including one that offers 24-hour service, among other shops. Most stores on the island remain open on Sundays.

Our teachers are all native speakers from the area who have received and successfully passed an examination that tested their abilities to teach Spanish to foreigners. Most of them have had several years of experience teaching. They are very enthusiastic about helping students understand Guatemalan culture and increasing their knowledge of the Spanish language.


Spanish Classes

Courses may start any day of the week and adapted to your requirements.



15 hours/week Holiday
20 hours/week Learn & Discover
30 hours/week Great Input

Group Course

20 hours/week Standard Course
30 hours/week Intensive Course

Crash Course

4 hours For Travelers

One-on-one courses are the best way to learn Spanish and is the most popular of our classes. Students work with their teachers to establish schedules that fit their individual needs.

Our group course comprises between two and four students. These small groups allow teachers to give each individual student the attention they need, and provide students the opportunity to use each other to exchange ideas and work together.

Our crash course is perfect for travelers on the go who simply want a quick tutorial of the most important Spanish vocabulary words and verbs. Previous students have found this course very useful during their time in Guatemala and for trips to other Spanish-speaking countries.


All student accommodations are in either Flores (within a short walking distance from Dos Mundos Spanish School) or San Miguel (a 5-minute boat ride from Flores) in safe neighborhoods.

Host Family

A real Guatemalan experience! There is no better way to learn about a country’s culture than to live with a host family - this is not only the best way to acquire insight into the daily happenings of a typical Guatemalan, but is also the best way for students to practice and improve their Spanish. Students who choose to live with a host family will receive a private single or double room. Students will need to share the bathroom with their families, which sometimes include young children. Families will provide three meals each day, excluding Sundays. We kindly ask students interested in staying with a host family to read our advice.

Student Accommodation

Students who would enjoy spending time with other students, chatting about the day’s events, or exchanging the initial successes or accidents of the Spanish language together should consider our student residence. Internet is available free of charge for laptops. Students may choose between a single and double room with a private bathroom. One lake view room is available for a small extra charge. For our students we offer discounted meals at our restaurant.


Be independent! This cozy apartment is the perfect choice for students looking to unwind each evening in privacy. It features a spacious bedroom and living area. The private terrace is a great place to watch the sunset over the lake, and is also great for relaxing or doing homework in the fresh evening air. The public swimming docks are just a short walk away, and a cool swim in the Peten-Itza lake is an invigorating way to start the day. This apartment is perfect for up to two students, and includes a private bathroom and fan.

First Class Hotel

Treat yourself! Students looking for maximum comfort may want to opt to stay in this exclusive hotel, which is one of the best in Flores complete with air-conditioning, wireless internet, a stunning terrace with deck chairs, and a beautiful lake view that faces the rising sun. This first-class hotel is of a high standard for Guatemala. Guests may choose between a single and double room with private bathroom.


Study Spanish at Dos Mundos Spanish School in Flores Guatemala with best price guarantee!


Included in your tuition

  • Placement test
  • Spanish course as booked
  • Accommodation as booked
  • Educational material
  • Certificate

Prices per week

  • 5 days Spanish course
  • 7 days Accommodation

All prices are subject to change.

Entry Fee

One-time fee US$ 35.00

One-on-one courses

15 hours - Holiday US$ 100.00
20 hours - Learn & Discover US$ 120.00
30 hours - Great Input US$ 170.00

Group courses*

20 hours - Standard course US$ 90.00
30 hours - Intensive course US$ 140.00

*price per person, max. 4 students, only if booked with friends

Traveler crash course*

1 day - 4 hours US$ 40.00

*one-on-one class


Single Room Double Room*
Host family
3 meals daily
except Sundays
US$ 110.00 US$ 210.00
Student house
room only
US$ 160.00 US$ 190.00
Lake view apartment
room only
US$ 300.00 US$ 300.00
First class hotel
room only
US$ 210.00 US$ 245.00

*Double rooms can only be booked with a friend

Discounts for Good Causes

In support of causes we care deeply about at Dos Mundos we like to offer discounts under the following categories. Students who qualify will receive a 50% discount on the entry fee, receive all three study texts and 12% discount on the classes.

Members of environmental organizations

Present us with a membership of an environmental organization such as Greenpeace or World Wide Fund for Nature to mention only two of the biggest ones, who have achieved a lot for the nature of our planet. A lesser known organization we particularly like is Rettet den Regenwald e.V. (Rainforest Rescue), they have a very easy system to sign petitions against nature damaging actions and projects.

Participants at archaeological projects

As we are located in the heart of the Mayan World and involved in several archaeological projects we also like to give the same discounts to participants of any scientific project concerning the Mayan culture.

Doctors and assistants

Last but not least we like to support doctors and their assistants, who come to Guatemala to help people, who can't afford to pay medical assistance. These good people receive the same discounts and also, concerning projects in the Petén, they should feel open to contact us to see if we can help them in organizing their infrastructure.