During breaks and in your free time, take a swim in the warm waters of Lake Petén Itzá to escape the heat.

Stroll along the shoreline and wait for a boatsman to invite you for a boat ride on the lake to visit one of the nearby villages.

Opportunities for exercise include; playing basketball or soccer with the locals at the Central Park in the afternoon or evening during your free time. Gain a different perspective of Flores by paddling around the island in a canoe, which you can rent on the west side of the island. Challenge yourself and count the number of times you can jog around the island. Rent a bike and explore your surroundings! Your options are endless.

Visit traditional craft shops of indigenous Mayans, who have moved from their homes in the highlands to the island of Flores, to listen to their stories or watch them weave their famous, brightly colored traditional clothing. These native people constitute over half of the population of Guatemala are undoubtedly one of the best sources for learning about Guatemalan culture.

Stop by the dyed white church "Catedral Nuestra Señora de Los Remedios y San Pablo Itzá", which rises majestically into the sky on the bank at the center of the island. Visit the adjacent building, the "Centro de Informaciones sobre la Naturaleza, Cultura y Artesanías de Petén (CIN-CAP)," an interesting museum and information center in the ancient "Castillo de Arismendi" (Castle of Arismendi).

Participate in our movie night, one of the student activities offered during the week. Watch a movie on the big screen at the modern cinema in Santa Elena.

Peruse the local markets and supermarkets in the bustling towns of Santa Elena and San Benito, two towns often also referred to as “Flores,” which are directly across the bridge from the island. Watch the hustle and bustle on a market day or visit the modern mall on the outskirts of Santa Elena. For those running low on cash or in need of exchanging their money, we suggest visiting one of the many banks in Santa Elena.

Try the great variety of Guatemalan and international dishes served in the numerous restaurants on the island. For culinary connoisseurs and fish enthusiasts, we recommend the "Pescado Blanco," a delicious fish found only on Lake Petén-Itzá. A must are the pre-Hispanic dishes served at Café Yaxha.

Admire Flores' beautiful sunsets. Sit on the beach while the sun changes and paints a picture-perfect sky just for you. Enjoy the fresh air with the locals in the evening hours after sunset. Watch as people promenade on the boardwalk around the lake, sit and chat, play cards and demonstrate their happiness.

Walk to the southern shore to experience Flores’ party nightlife in the bars and discos. Join a "fiesta," listen to Latin American music, practice your Spanish, or drink Gallo beer with local Guatemalans. For those looking for a fun challenge, learn how to dance Salsa and Merengue or sing songs!

Discover the many villages around the shore of Lake Petén Itzá:

Visit San Jose for a unique lesson in botany. Listen to local women, who produce and sell medicinal soaps, shampoos, and cream from the plants in their gardens, teach visitors about the use of medicinal plants in the area. Walk to one of the nearby beaches or to the newly-opened adventure park complete with water slides. If you are lucky enough to be in San Jose on November 1, experience the unique and traditional holy skull procession through the village.

Take a boat to nearby San Miguel to the "Mirador", a viewpoint constructed from a tree, which offers an amazing view of Flores and other surrounding villages. From the "Mirador" walk to the "Playita" or little beach, and enjoy refreshments or traditional meals (sold only during the main season) in the picnic area. Go for a swim in the lake or hang a hammock (available for purchase or rent) in one of the many trees on the shore.

For enchanting beaches and a tranquil ambiance, visit El Remate. Walk through the woods, watch animals, or enjoy the lake view at the Biotope Cerro Cahui. Visit the plethora of craft shops and delicious restaurants in town.

Take a tuk-tuk to the stalactite cave in Santa Elena and marvel at the curious rock formations on the walls, which look like Mayan heads and elephant paws. Bring your torch for an especially unique experience!

Pay a visit to El Naranjo, a reserve that offers a jungle view from the canopy level. Feel like a monkey, and use a very safe system of cables stretched between trees to slide from platform to platform using pulleys and harnesses.